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Your Current Location:Home > Products > Instrument > HB-ESWL-108 Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripter
Product Name:HB-ESWL-108 Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripter
Product Detailed:

Main performance

Powerful,user-friendly,artistic design,cost effective,precise,safe,effective and quiet

The HB-ESWL-108 integrates with operation panel and treatmenttable,using programmable logic controller (PLC) and hi-tech touch LCD screen.

The treatment head can be 3D(forth and back,left and right,up and dowm) and
annular motion,ao so to choose the best window to guide the shock wave precisely
into body.

Fixed angle annular positioning device,the B ultrasound probe is removable and available
for ultrasound examinations.

Four Shock Wave Sources
Four shock wave sources are available for the HB-ESWT-108G lithotripoter
1-electrohydraulic source
2-double pulse electrohydraulic source
3-cylinder electromagnetic source
4-planar electromagnetic source
The 40 KHz high frequency and high voltage power supply is optional for the
fast and stableshock wave.

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